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At we have identified the following quickstart-steps for safe, secure and anonymous use of social media backup tools:

Step #1: Use an Anonymous & Secure Connection with a Trusted VPN Provider…

This optional step is recommended to ensure anonymity, check downloaded files for malware, and to protect your passwords
and files. A quality VPN Service can also help block intrusive ads.

Step #2: Decide what type of content you want to download from your social media account

Use a service that supports your required file types:

Posts / Highlight Reels

Step #3: Type your Username into the search bar of your chosen backup service
Step #4 – Click on your content for backup

Make sure your chosen service legitimately goes via the Official API of your social media platform, and does not just post the content onto their own website or go via any means other than the official, publicly provided process by the platform in question.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is

At we are an unofficial, informational website about free and paid social media backup tools. We don’t provide a download service ourselves, but have done our research on the services out there and aim to pass on our findings to you.

Are download tools anonymous?

Most tools do claim to provide anonymous downloads, but always do your own research. It is also a good idea to make sure of your privacy by using a VPN Service Provider when accessing social media backup services.

How do these type of services work?

You usually enter in your own username into the search bar and then the tool accesses the platform’s API to provide download links to your content. These tools should provide a link to backup your content that is hosted via the official platform in question and not post the content to their own websites.

Do I need to enter my password?

Just entering your publicly available username should be enough for the backup links to be provided for your content. It is probably not a good idea to share your full login credentials to any social media account with 3rd party websites.

Are social media backup/download tools free?

At our research has found both free and paid services. The free tools monetize their service by displaying ads. The premium tools remove the ads for a small fee and provide more features. You can also remove the most intrusive browser ads by using a VPN Service Provider.